Stay On Track In Summer


Summer can be a busy time. This time of year people tell me, “We are just too busy to eat right and exercise with our vacations, cook-outs with friends, and running to our kids sporting events”.   I say you’re too busy not to eat right and exercise.  When you take care of your body, you have more energy to do all the things you must do.  Here are some quick tricks for taking care of yourself during 3 common summer activities; the ball field, on vacation, and at summer cookouts.

If you know you’ll be headed to the ball park directly after work, pack a cooler with deli meat, fresh veggies, and fruit.  Bonus: you‘ll eat before 10:00 at night to eat and you won’t need to rely on whatever unhealthy choices are available at the ballpark. Stand up and take a walk around the ball field between innings.

On vacation, plan on taking your healthy snacks with you .Take a cooler with you if you’ll be on the road. Stay at hotels or cabins that offer refrigerators and/ or microwaves.  You can have some simple meals in, especially breakfast and plan picnics with healthier options at lunch or dinner.  Bonus: you save money skipping some eating out.  Plan stops for getting out of the vehicle and stretching or, get up earlier and take a walk before you start your day’s activities. Bonus: you enjoy exploring a new neighborhood or town while getting extra movement.

When you’re at the neighborhood cookout, take an entrée’ to share and a healthier choice for a side or dessert as well. .  Making healthier choices is easier if you’re not starving, so make sure you eat throughout the day normally, so you don’t grab everything in sight once you arrive.  Choose beverages that are lower in calories and be aware of the amount you are consuming.  If there is activity going on, make sure you join in, even if it’s something you’re not good at.  You’ll enjoy your time with your friends and you’ll get movement in too.

Finding ways you can take care of yourself this summer is the goal.  Instead of thinking of all the reasons you can’t keep on track, look for solutions and plan effectively. You can continue to accomplish your goals even when life gets busy,


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