When the scale is stuck.

“I stuck to the plan and the scale didn’t move.  I feel like giving up.”  Sound familiar?  These words are a ticket onto the diet roller coaster.   Let me give you a couple of quick tips that will help you overcome this mindset that threatens to derail your efforts.

First, learn to make your goals something other than a number on a scale.  Make your goals something you have control over.  For example, you have control over what you eat and how much, you have control over your exercise, and you have control over your mindset. The scale can fluctuate from factors out of your control, time of month, meds etc.  When you focus on what you can control, you can feel victory even if the scale stays the same.

Second, use the scale for it’s intended purpose, telling you what’s going on in your body, rather than using it as a measure of your value as a person or the indicator of how your day will go.  The truth is YOU are AMAZING no matter what the number on the scale and YOU get to decide how your day will go, not an inanimate object you step on.  A stagnant scale is simply a means to let you know if your body is reacting to something; sodium, a food that doesn’t work for you, or a medicine you’re taking.

You can accomplish your goal.  Focus on what you can control and use the scale for it’s intended use, and keep your mindset focused on victory, success is yours.

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  • Sheri Tomancik

    Reply Reply April 26, 2018

    Great reminder to renewing your mind daily. I love the way you say’use the scale for it’s intended purpose’. Thank you for your insight, Lisa.

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