Will-Power vs WhyPower

I hear it all the time…  “I just don’t have enough will-power.”  Or “My will power has faded.”  Here’s the thing will-power is temporary.  It doesn’t last… ever.  I suggest replacing will-power with WHY- power.  Why-power is based on the most important reason you want to be healthy.  That’s different for everyone. Personally, I want the ability to create lasting memories with my family like taking trips, playing at the trampoline park with my grandsons, and having the energy and confidence to live life fully. Others may want to live a healthy, independent life, do mission work, or work until they are old.  You’ll know you’ve found your true “why” when it evokes emotion for you. Whatever the “why”, it brings long term motivation vs will-power’s short-term motivation. 

There a few other key differences too.  Will-power depends on circumstance and is characterized by indecisiveness.  If the mood is right, all is well in the world, will-power is maintained pretty easily.  When life’s not so simple wishy-washiness sets in and will-power fades fast.  Why-power depends on your decision and your resolve allowing your “why” to take precedence over circumstances.  You have full control over your decisions, but you may not always have full control of your circumstance.

As you can see, will-power is based solely on your moods, which we all know can change from moment to moment, why-power is based on your rock-solid values that remain consistent.  Changing your focus from will-power to why-power helps you achieve your short and long- term goals and keep you there.


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