Weight Gain Words that Sabotage Your Goal

images.jpg weight gain wordsIt’s one thing to have someone else stick food in your face when you’re eating healthy or  cajole you  with words like ,”Just this one time”, “It’s a special occasion”, or “ You deserve it”, in an effort  to sabotage your new habits.  Those people we can handle by politely but firmly telling them how it is.  It’s another thing entirely when you sabotage your own efforts.  Self- sabotage is less obvious, it’s habitual, and you probably didn’t even know what I’m about to tell you is a form of sabotage.   This saboteur is actually a simple 4 letter word that is socially acceptable and used in every- day language yet wreaks your best efforts every time.  The word is “can’t”.   For example “I can’t eat that food” or “I can’t go to such and such a place”. I call it a Weight Gain Word.

Here’s why “can’t” is a Weight Gain Word.   When you tell yourself you “can’t” have something your brain goes into overload trying to figure out how to get it. The brain hears, “Can’t”, and says, “Oh yeah? Watch me”.  It’s possible to stave off a craving for a while but eventually we’re talking all out binge. When you “give in” and eat that food, you eat fast, and you eat more than you want or need because you feel guilty.  Guilt sets you up for a whole other eating cycle which we will cover another day.

You can turn this sabotage cycle around simply by changing your Weight Gain Word into Weight Loss Words.  Turn “can’t” into “can” and tie it to your long term reason for wanting to live healthy.  For example, my long term reason for health is so that I can run around with my kids and grandkids and create memorable experiences with them.   I’ll tell myself what I “can” do and tie it to my reason.  My Weight Loss Words would look like this, “I’m choosing an apple instead of chocolate because I want to be healthy so I can run around with my kids and grandkids.”  Notice what I didn’t say…. “It’s not worth it because….”   “It’s not worth it”, works the same as “ I can’t”.  All your brain hears is, “It’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it”, and off you go hunting down something that messes with your goal.

Start today listening for Weight Gain Words like ,”I can’t” and practice turning them into Weight Loss Words.  You’ll achieve your goals when you begin talking to yourself about what you can do rather than what you can’t do.

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